How I Manage my Days & Juggle being Mom, Homemaker & Boss.


It should be no surprise being a mom, homemaker & boss is not an easy job to have, I wouldn't trade it for the world and it took me some time to get my schedule to where it is today which is amazing for myself, but lets face it once our little girl gets here it's going to get a little shook up again. 

As for now I really wanted to share with everyone one what my days look like so I can organize my days and schedule done what needs to be done. When Kayden wasn't going to school for 6 months it was rough, I had a hard time juggling it all and I still don't have it all figured out. 

In all honesty I was never the one to love the typical work day my mind just doesn't work like that, thats one reason why owning my own business was always something I strived to have. I've finally come up with a schedule that I love and makes me feel like I get a lot done even though I don't have a typical 9 to 5.

5:30am - Wake-up Call -- thats right I start my days at 5:30. I love waking up before Kayden it's my alone time to get my hair and make-up done, his lunches ready and get his bag packed for the day ahead if need be. It's also when I enjoy my breakfast and might go through social media if I have time. {social media is a huge time stealer and I don't like going on it unless I have a personal time to ex: morning or at lunch when I done eating.} 

6:30am - Start Laundry -- I do this every other day and it has changed my life! For the past 12 years Greg and I have lived together I had been loading up our laundry every Sunday and was making this a HUGE chore it was horrible to say the least. Now every other day I load up our laundry and do about one or two small loads to make this less of a chores and more of a enjoyable thing to get done. It use to take me about a hour and half it now takes maybe 30mins or less to tackle the laundry.

7:00am - Wake-up Kayden -- This is only if he hasn't woken up yet and he usually hasn't, that is why above works for me and our life right now. 

7:50am to 8:15am School Drop off -- This is one of the most crucial things for Kayden to do every morning it gets his energy out and sets him up to have a good day. 

8:20am to 8:30 - Coffee & Emails -- This is the beginning of my work day I don't like to check emails till this moment cause if I do then I feel like I need to write back right away, I still fond myself doing it something but I try not to unless it's extremely urgent! 

8:30am to 12pm - "Client Focus" -- I dedicate this time to my clients that I currently have this time is just for me to focus strictly on their weddings and get anything done for them I need to that week. This is anything ex: calls, timelines, seating, going through todos for them and prepping their must get done lists. Since I limit the number of clients we have per calendar year it's easy for me to get this done by myself and this is why I can help every one of my clients with their wedding and you don't work with my other staff until the day of their wedding. 

12:00pm - Lunch Break -- It might sound silly to even write this down but I have to otherwise I actually might not eat my lunch. Working from home makes you forget to do things like eat lunch or just take a little break to stretch. 12 to 1 it my break time. 

1:00pm to 1:30 -- Crunch Time -- This is the last bit of time have have to get anything work or home related done before I have to pick up Kayden and help him with homework and be with him the ret of the day. 

2:00 to 8:30pm - Mom & Homemaker -- This is my time with my family, helping Kayden get homework done, playing with him, getting dinner ready and just being with my family enjoying the time I have with them. This is one of the big reasons I love having my own business. 

I hope this helps you get an idea on how to map out your own day if you are a work from home mama in need of some kind of schedule or someone that just needs to get better at breaking down the hours in the day. 

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After waiting months for the new Target collection Hearth & Hand to come out with Magnolia I finally was able to snag the items I really wanted! I can't lie I set an alarm on my phone so I wouldn't miss it and it worked I pretty much woke as they were hitting Live on the site.

I got everything in the mail and saw the collection in person and it so speaks to the style of Jo & Chip you can tell every piece was thoughtfully designed and chosen for their collection and the price point is really good. Ok now time for me to share my favorites! 

Plaid Throw Pillow - I bought these online then bought them in person, I know I'm crazy but don't worry I retuned the fresh ones that came in the mail at our local target. Our new sofa looked bare and it was driving me crazy. These aren't what I expected cause their is a fine gold outline that you can barely see online, I love them though and the are comfy. 

White & Black x Throw Pillow - This wasn't something on my list until I saw it in person the little black x's are a lot cuter in person than it looked online which is one reason it wasn't initially on my radar not to mention we got a new sofa from the family and they went with it perfectly. 

Pie Server - Simple as pie ;) we don't own any sort of cake/pie server and this one was so good 

Measuring Spoons - I have the worst luck with measuring spoons breaking on me or my garbage disposal eating them so these ones were hard to pass up they are metal and come with a leather band around them so I won't lose them! 

Wooden Toy Cookie Set & Wooden Toy Coco Set - I'm a sucker for wooden toys always have always will be so when I saw these two sets I couldn't pass them up, I'm going to be saving one of them for next Christmas for Remy, but the coco set Kayden and I will probably be enjoying soon! 

Plaid PJs {Kids & Baby} - My little guy could always use some new pjs and these were hard to pass up once I saw they had some for the little lady on the way, Kayden had also been asking for an outfit to match with Remy so these seemed perfect. 

Wooden Garland - I was iffy on this one but the price was so good and exactly what I was looking for so it was hard to pass up and so happy I didn't. It's really great quality & is great for the fireplace or your Christmas Tree.  

Morning Stoneware Mugs - Coffee loves unite cause these mugs are the bomb!! I LOVE them they are heavy duty, large and keep the coffee warmer longer for some reason. They also fit my hubby's hands so I was instantly sold! 

So I know I got a lot f goodies from the collection but there are still 3 things I didn't buy that I LOVED & am still eyeing.

House Lantern - We had none of these in our stores in the black color and I couldn't see it making a safe journey to our house in a box that I know would get thrown on our porch so I passed up on it. 

Portable Beverage Mug - I really loved this portable beverage mug but I just thought I'd look ridiculous carrying this 40oz thing around I couldn't find a use for it in my life BUT if you know someone who needs one as a gift get it now, you won't regret it. 

Metal Storage Bin - I couldn't find a use for this in my life till I got home and it was sold out. If I could go back in time and get it though it would be the perfect accessory for our fireplace. 



Sometimes your budget just doesn't allow for you to have a wedding planner and I get it, but when you comes to your wedding day I believe you should still be coming to it prepared for anything. That is why today I'm sharing my wedding emergency kit must haves along with some other details I think every bride should have. 


Emergency Kit Must Haves

  • emery board
  • clear nail polish
  • nail polish remover pads
  • nail clipper
  • cotton swabs
  • earring backs
  • tweezers
  • blotting tissues
  • a folding hair comb/brush
  • hair spray
  • clear elastics
  • bobby pins
  • static remover
  • wrinkle remover
  • corsage pins
  • safety pins
  • lint brush
  • super glue
  • stain treating towelettes
  • emergency tape strips
  • mending kit
  • folding scissors
  • sandpaper for scuffing new shoes
  • doses of pain reliever
  • doses of antacid
  • breath freshener
  • lip balm
  • single-use dental floss
  • adhesive bandages
  • regular tampons
  • deodorant towelettes
  • hand lotion
  • blister balm
  • extra wedding bands
  • a "something blue
  • a lucky sixpence shoe decal
  • note pad
  • pen
  • last-minute vows
  • emergency toasts
  • facial tissues
  • pocket mirror
  • drinking straw (to keep that lipstick in place)
  • and a wedding day checklist
  • hanger for wedding dress
  • your wedding stationary
  • color cordinated ring box