Beauty & the Beast Inspired Wedding | Styled Shoot


A tale as old as time & one I never get sick of hearing, our Beauty & the Beast styled shoot Novermber of last year was one I had been dreaming of doing for quite some time. As a girl who grew up watching all things Disney & the movie was on repeat many times in my home. I really wanted to do a styled shoot inspired by this film with the play on colors, the film favorite charecters/objects {that rose!} and of course a beautiful couple in love.

Deciding on the style and design was one I had dreamed about doing for awhile, growing up I always adored Beauty & the Beast it was a go to movie of mine and was always inspired by the colors and the characters. 


Styled Shoot Team

      Venue  - Elliston Vineyards | Photography - Caroline from Milou & Olin Photography | Planning & Design  - Littles 'n Lace Events | Florals - LC Floral Design | Rentals - Pleasanton Rentals | Cake - Ma Petite Maison Cake Design | Dress - Jaime Bridal | Dress Designer - Essence of Australia | MUA & Hair - April Foster Artistry | Stationary & Signs - Rich Design Co. | Macarons - Creme Si Bon | Ring Box  - The Mrs. Box | Model Couple - Shir & Ben


Mother's Day Gift Guide

I have to say I always have the hardest time thinking up a new gift to get my mom and mother in law for Mother's Day, what do you get for the woman who has everything?!? I made up a little gift guide list f some of my favorite things & ideas for this Mother's Day.


Grace Not Perfection Book | The Family Print Shop | Lavendar Butter Lotion

Tieks Flats | Fresh Flowers | Cat + Nat Necklace | Gift Box | Milk Bath

If all else fails get your mom a card, make her something sentamental and treat her to a day that she can do what ever she would like cause lets face it, she deserves it!

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Advice from Real Brides

Let's face it weddings have mishaps all the time and the planning process isn't an easy one. I've put togther some advice from a hand full of different brides {not all my own} that you can learn from and threw in some advice from myself so hopfully you won't make the same mistake{s} as the rest of us.

"Just because a wedding vendor is on a reputable wedding website doesn't mean they are a legit wedding vendor. Do your research I didn't and found a videogrpher on a popular site thinking he will do an amazing job. Months later I come to find out he was scamming couples and countless others out of their money and wedding videos, after nearly 6 months of asking for our video we finally got it with the wrong wedding date and mess of a video."

2015 BRIDE

"My one piece of advice to a newly engaged bride is to try not to take on too many DIY projects before the wedding. While DIY can be fun and thrifty, it can also be overwhelming and stressful trying ensure all your projects are done in time for the wedding. It’s important to find a balance between taking projects on yourself and leaving things to the professionals. Hiring people to do things for you when you start to get overwhelmed can really alleviate some of the stress that comes with planning. Your wedding will come and go before you know it, so make sure you don’t book up all your time with projects and take time to actually enjoy this time of celebration and make positive, lasting memories. Remembering what the celebration is really about and spending time and having fun with your fiancé and family is more important than the money you will save with DIY." 

2016 BRIDE

"Hire a profesional wedding photographer! Looking back on my wedding day there was something I did oh so wrong, I went cheap on some things that were at the top of my "must" list. Chalk it up for being a young bride or uneducated but I hired a friend to photograph our wedding thinking there was no difference between a portrait photographer and a wedding photographer but I was WRONG! He came unprepaird and partied needless to say that friendship ended and we were missing many wedding photos with important family members." 

 2008 BRIDE

"Hire a wedding planner, there are so many times I would have lost my cool or had not be present in the day to day if I didn't hire my wedding planner Marie. Having someone who can represent you in person at vendor meetings or on the day of when you cannot be present relieves so much stress. Also just having a professional and experienced planner by your side to guide you through the process is invaluable my husband even said I don't know what we would have done if Marie wasn't there to help."

2016 BRIDE

"When we first started planning our wedding a videogrpher wasn't a priority and looking back I'm not even sure if it made the list. If I could go back I'd hire a videographer; I always thought I'll never watch the video, but now I wish I would have gotten it to look back on the day with my husband and our kids."

2014 BRIDE

"In the end, I'd say my biggest piece of advice is "don't forget what the day is really about, the two of you". Wedding planning is stressful and overwhelming don't forget the beauty of why you're marrying your partner because in the end the rest falls away and after the day is done it's the two of you. We had planned an outdoor wedding and chose our venue for the outdoor space. The weekend before was 90 degrees and the day before was sunny and 75 in October. Our wedding day poured rain ALL day. We were both disappointed but none of our family members seemed to mind and everyone just kept talking about our vows. So while it wasn't the way we planned the core of the day was our love for each other and that's what mattered"

2016 BRIDE

"Make a seating chart BUT do it the right way. I regret not making our seating chart in alphabetical order and making it by table number. It looked beautiful, but it took our guests twice as long to look for their names. "

2015 BRIDE