You Said Yes, Now What?

Congrats you just got engaged and you have all of the warm and fuzzy feels after announcing it but what now?!? Besides ringing all of your family, friends and getting a top notch manicure to show off that GORGEOUS new ring; now comes the beginning of everything…

1. Select a Wedding Date | Now lets pump the breaks for a second when we say date we really mean year you want to get married and maybe the season. If there is a specific location you’ve had your heart set on since you were a wee little babe then chances are you will have to be flexible with the actual wedding date.

2.  Start Saving | We don’t expect for you to already have saved everything since before your fiancé proposed so now that you are it is the perfect time to start.

3. Begin to Budget | Did you know that most couples don’t set a budget. For us a wedding budget is a big must, we like knowing what you can spend so we can find the best wedding professionals to work with you and within your budget.  Start by thinking what is important to you; maybe it’s amazing food flown in from Hawaii or maybe you want the best photographer money could buy and photos are vary important as you look back on your wedding or maybe you really do need a wedding planner cause you could not imagine juggling the wedding planning and work at the same time. Whatever the reason you should always have a budget and this is one thing I love working on with my couples. 

4. Consult a Wedding Planner | Now you might be thinking of course you say that you are a wedding planner, but that isn’t why I say it.  Many couples think a wedding planner is something they can’t afford but in the end we could save you not just time but some money. We also have packages that can be worked to fit in your budget our job is to help you find the right wedding professionals so you don’t have to stress about the legwork and you get to really enjoy the process and the day of.

5. CELEBRATE | It’s time to celebrate this time in your and your fiancés life and an engagement party is the perfect way to do it. You don’t have to go extreme food, cocktails and your closest loved ones is all you need.

Congrats again & Enjoy your engagement!