A wedding day with Littles 'n Lace Events | Kailey & Chris

One question I get most from wedding planners who are just starting their business is what does a wedding day really look like for myself and although there is no wedding day that is ever cookie cutter but in the simplest of terms is is extremely busy.

Today I'm going to share with you mine and my teams day for the wedding of our first 2016 couple Kailey & Chris. I worked with Kailey and Chris for about a year before their wedding, they choose our partial planning and day of coordination with design added to their package. Kailey & I met when she had just finished booking all of their vendors and had already set their wedding date with their venue but in the mist of all the booking of their vendors Kailey still felt like she really want help locking in a few more vendors, design & making it so she could relax the day of their wedding. 

For the day of their wedding my staff consisted of myself, my husband Greg {who I'm pretty sure could run a wedding by himself now} and my assistant Melissa, whom was also a 2016 bride of mine. 

6:00AM - Every wedding is different but one thing that doesn't change is I always start my day at 6AM for weddings. At this time I get up stretch for a little bit and start getting ready, for this wedding in particular I knew our timeline wouldn't have a break to get "wedding ready" so I made sure to do so at home. Once I got my hair and make-up done I made sure I had all of the documents I needed for the wedding and made sure my wedding bag was packed into the car. By 7:30 we are out the door and on the road to get our morning coffee & lunch for the day.

7:30 - We are out the door and headed to get some coffee from Starbucks and grab our lunch for the day I knew at 9:00AM I had to be at party city the moment it opened to get the giants balloons blown up and let me tell you I had to consider the possible wait time, I knew that graduation was that past week for the town of Pleasanton and everyone would need balloons. When we got there the wait was 20 mins, when we left it was a hour long wait. 

9:30AM  - Arrived at the venue and I notified them that we were there and ready to start the before set-up prep for the reception. Once we unloaded my car of the rest of the BYO decor we started the process of sorting through everything we had for the welcome and barrel room. We had from  10AM - 12PM to get everything out and organized before rentals come to set up. At this time I take inventory of everything and if for some reason something is missing or broken I head into the plan B of what we are going to do to fix the problem so it isn't one anymore.

12PM - All of our rentals arrived and as I took inventory of everything coming in Melissa and Greg began laying out the tables, after all of the rentals were accounted for we started laying out the barrel room to the way Kailey and I had discussed the look before the wedding. Kailey's vision was for it to be intimate, romantic with details made by the bride and groom throughout the wedding day. Once the layout was close to how I wanted it we started setting up the rest of the rentals; chairs, tablecloths, napkins and utensils. This is the most time consuming task of the day and can take up to 3 hours depending on guest count. 

1PM - The florist and DJ arrived and I assisted them in set-up and double checked the location of the floral arrangements and where the DJ could set-up. As this is going on everything else is still being placed where it needs to go.

1:30PM - The groom and groomsmen arrived and began taking their photos, I made sure they were situated and if they needed anything. 

2PM - I usually start checking our wedding vendor list to see who has arrived and who hasn't, if I feel like we are cutting it close on set-up time then I'll start setting up for another vendor if they haven't arrived yet. 

2:30PM - My team and I break up as individuals, Melissa took the ceremony location, Greg stuck with the reception spot to help with the cake and catering. While my team was finishing set-up I helped the groom and groomsmen get into their new spot and then greeted the bride and bridesmaids as they arrived. 

3:00PM - Began helping the photographer and videographer set up Kailey and Chris's first look {it was perfect} and lead into the wedding party photos. 

4:00PM - Crunch time! The final hour is always the most hectic, after assisting with the first look and rallying the wedding party up I headed back into the barrel room and finished up in there with Greg and he began the clean up. Once he told me he got the rest I went straight over to help Melissa with the ceremony location we finished up the sign placement with the concannon team and Melissa started passing out the programs and petals for the guests to throw. This was our plan B since you can't control the direction of the wind. 

4:50PM -I began lining up the wedding party so the processional could begin at 5:00PM. Guests were still getting settled into their seat so start time was delayed by 5 mins or so, we gained it back since the ceremony wasn't as long as projected and we saved a lot of time with having wedding party photos before cocktail hour. YAY for first looks!

5:30PM-6:30PM - Cocktail Hour! Guests enjoyed themselves while the bride and groom took a couple more photos with the wedding party and family. 

6:20PM - Reception Revel for the bride & groom. I really love doing a revel for my couples the look on their faces when they see their reception for the first time is in the top 5 of my favorite moments of the day! Kailey's face says it all!

6:30PM-10:00PM - Reception! This is all about the part and the guests enjoying time with the bride and groom. Dinner, speeches and lots of dancing! To end the night Kailey & Chris had a sparkler exit. 

10:30PM-12:00AM - Wedding Breakdown!

I hope you enjoyed getting behind the scenes with LNLE on K+C's Wedding day!