Tips for being an amazing Bridesmaid

It is officially engagement season and with that comes women all over the world starting to ask their best girlfriends if they'll stand beside them on their wedding day. Let me tell you taking the title of MOH or Bridesmaid is never and easy one but it can and will be a lot of fun. Below are some tips for being an amazing bridesmaid for the bride to be.

Bridesmaid {n} a girl who accompanies a bride on her wedding day.

The tradition of Bridesmaids originated from the nineteenth century, people then use to believe that bridesmaids would protect the bride from evil spirits. Originally they were to dress just like the bride which would confuse the evil spirits or anyone else trying to harm the bride. Now bridesmaids have taken on a less creepier and honored role. Do you have what it takes to be a bridesmaid? Here are some of my tips for being an amazing bridesmaid. 

Tip 1 | Don’t Say YES if you don’t have the Funds

It is so exciting to be asked to be a bridesmaid or MOH BUT if you can’t afford it be honest with the bride. Instead of feeling obligated to be in your friend or sisters wedding offer to help her with other details instead if you are available to, believe me she will thank you for it later.

Expenses for being in a wedding include: Bridal shower, Bachelorette Party, Travel expenses, Bridesmaids dress, shoes, salon services {Make-up, hair & nails & don’t forget to tip!} This is a brief list and the minimum for most weddings.

Tip 2 | Be Present

When you sign up to be a bridesmaid you also sign up to be there for the bride and groom. This doesn’t mean just show up the day of this means you need to plan accordingly and show up to the events leading up to the wedding day. Yes there are other obligations you have but if you plan accordingly there is no reason you can’t be there for the bride leading up to the big day.

Tip 3 | Accept your Role

Sometimes you don't get picked to be the role you thought you would be playing in your friend {or sisters} big day, but please don't make it start a fight. Accept your role and be honored you were asked you are after all important enough to be asked.  

Tip 4 | Don’t Complain about the Dress

If the bride chooses pink and you hate pink guess what you don’t have to have pink dresses at your wedding but honor the fact your friend has chosen this and it is her wedding day. Embrace being in the wedding and all it entails.

Tip 5 | Make this fun for the Bride

Have you planned a wedding? If you have you probably realize how much stress it can cause a bride or even a couple to plan a wedding there are a lot of big details that are planned over a 12 month period {sometimes even shorter} that are crammed into ONE day! So when you see the bride starting to stress try to make it fun; take her out to dinner, go to a movie, have a girls night whatever you can do to take her mind off of the planning for just a couple hours DO IT! You can even make it a game who ever mentions the word wedding has to buy the next glass of wine ;)

Tip 6 | Enjoy this Moment

This is seriously an honor to be in someones wedding so you should treat it like one. I know I know if you are the girl that gets asked to be in every wedding you may not feel like it, but believe me when I say if a friend asks you to be in their wedding, to see them get married they really love you and they consider you a big part of their lives in the future.