Tipping your Wedding Professionals

It's a cost in the mists of wedding planning that lets face it everyone seems to forget about when making their wedding budget, but it needs to be there. On your wedding day you will have a lot on your plate and most of the time tipping the vendor isn't at the top of that list. So I always suggest breaking up each tip and writing out on envelopes to which vendor it will go to, designating one special person {you can trust} to give the vendor their tip before they leave will save you from having to deal with this on your wedding day. 

Below I broke it down for you to make your job a little easier and so you can now balance this into your new or existing budget. 


  • Wedding Planner

Optional, this is NOT a requirement most of the time you don't typically hear of wedding planners being tipped.

In the event that you'd like to typically the couple would tip in form of a gift or $500 being very generous. If you do plan on tipping your wedding planner after the wedding is always best, but I think a thank you card and an amazing review is tip enough!

  • Wedding Transportation 


Normally this gratuity is included in your contract so make sure you read it over, but in the event that it is not included a 15 to 20% of the total bill is the normal tip for Transportation. 

  • DJ

Optional, but preferred. 

The standard is $50 to $150 and should be tipped at the end of the reception. 

  • Band/Musicians

Optional, it isn't required that you tip them typically.

Most tips for them should be $15 to $20 per musician.

The tip should be presented once their service have been completed if it isn't already included in the contract. 

  • MUA & Hair Stylist

Must! You should always tip you Make-up & Hair Stylist just as you would if you went to a salon. 

I typically suggest tipping between 15 to 20 percent between each girl and depending upon the quality of service. And tipping them can wait for once their services are done.

  • Delivery Items

Must! If anyone is delivering something to your event that day weather it be cake, flowers or setting the tables, chairs the list goes on! 

A standard tip for these vendors/helpers of vendors is $5 to $10 per person. 

Most of them can get a little drop off from you or your designated money deliverer the day before or once set up is complete. 

  • Photographer/Videographer 

Optional, its is not required to give your photographer or videographer. Most don't expect it but if you feel they deserve it and have just been blown away by them a nice thank you note with a $50 to $100 dollar tip would do just fine. 

  • Reception Staff

Expected. This service is usually ALWAYS accounted for in your contract and can be located in the food and drink fees. These staff members include; on site coordinators, banquet manger, and maître d'.

If they are not included it is typically 15 to 20% of the food and drink fee based solely on labor fees. 

  • Reception Attendants 

Optional and based upon contract. Most contracts have this tip included so make sure you are reading your contracts!

Typically you tip $20 to $25 per bartender. Other examples of reception attendants are... valet, coat room, bathroom. 

  • Ceremony Officiant

Expected {depending on officiant} 

Most Officiants will ask of you to donate to the church or synagogue. For a nondenominational officiant an optional tip from $50 to $100 is acceptable.