Do you need a Wedding Planner?

For the past few years I've asked my clients many times why they think they should hire a wedding planner and most of their answers are different but on many levels very similar. Take it from me the girl who got married 8 years ago when I say you should hire a wedding planner! I don't say this because I am one I say this cause when I was planning my wedding I wish I had someone there to help with the details and maybe stop me from making so planning mistakes. Although this has always been my dream I was in the dark until I planned my own and graduated from QC Event Planning School. 

So how can you tell if you will or do need a wedding planner? You can find my advice below. 

1.     When you are the only one making choices.

-  Lets face it not everyone wants to talk weddings all day every day not even your fiancé. in fact most couples argue about wedding details because one of them doesn’t care about every detail like the other might and there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes no one cares about making the choices and wants the wedding planner to do it all so the couple can just show up and THAT is ok too! A Wedding planners job is to help you make a the tough choices and sometimes tap you on the shoulder and say that might now be the best idea and talk to you about your wedding when you need someone there to. 

2.     Do you have 250+ hours to dedicate full time into the planning of your wedding?

 -  If your answer is no like most of my couples would then you should probably hire a wedding planner. My couples usually have only the weekends free to dedicate to the planning of their wedding and since most wedding professionals are busy or closed on weekends taking care of the other events the have booked they are only available to meet with couples on weekdays. So who is meeting with your wedding pros? Who is answering your calls during the week? And who is replying back to all of those emails concerning your wedding. If you hire a wedding planner then you know that answer.  My couples that come to me needing help with their weddings usually work full time, have families to take care of and have maybe 1 or 2 days a week to dedicate to the planning of their wedding which is time that could be spent with their fiancé.

3. You have no help close to home…

 - This kind of lines up with number one but is also a tad different. Lets face it family isn’t always a short drive away and sometimes it’s just you and your future husband trying to plan something you’ve never planned for before. I had a bride who had no family or friends close by to help and I could just feel how stressed and frazzled she feeling with no one close by until she hired me. Hiring a wedding planner really helps you and your fiancé feel less alone with the process of planning your wedding and even your lives after together.

4.     Do you have someone who can take the lead on your wedding day?

 - It is usually the case that most people don’t have someone who can manage it all that isn’t there to actually be a guest at your wedding. If your answer is... you are going to do it or you have your mom that will be doing it, I beg you to take a step back and evaluate that choice because most people don’t fully understand your design or really just want to enjoy the day, especially YOU! This is your wedding day you should be able to enjoy being present, not running around managing your vendors, tying seat covers and folding napkins. 

5.  Are you ready for the stress?

 - Are weddings fun? YES! Is planning a wedding always fun? NO! there are moments when you will just want to throw in the towel and elope, but with having a professional there to help you take the stress away is a big relief. Granted there are some things we can’t take the stress off of but as your wedding planner we try our best to help in every way we can, even if you just need someone to listen or a shoulder to cry on.

6. Do you have someone to make it right?

-  Sometimes things go wrong on your wedding day! Yep things aren't always perfect; like the candles are missing, the cake fell off the stand, it is now pouring down rain or you don’t have the floral swag that was suppose to go over the arch. Who is going to fix it? That is where your wedding planner steps up and tires to fix the problem before it even becomes one.  We have been there and we have seen it all! It is always good to have someone on your side who has your back for your wedding day so you can enjoy the moments you have been waiting 12+ months for while they put out the fires that can happen.

Hopefully this helps you decide if you should hire a wedding planner, most people think they can’t afford one but a lot of us can work with your budget and are quite affordable when you break down how much we really make a hour.