Bridesmaid Gift Guide

Last week I shared some of my favorite gifts to get the bride to be and I'm so happy you all loved it. This week I thought I'd share some of my favorite bridesmaids gifts that bridesmaids have found really useful at most of the weddings I've planned. I didn't want you to think I forgot about the bridemaids who support the bride on her on the big day!


Personalized Hanger | Why I Love it: Have you ever seen a wedding photo and saw the plastic hanger in it? It is a huge eye sore it's also greta to have a back up just in case someone forgets theirs. 

Toasting Notebook | Why I Love it: Cances are you will be having some of the very important people in your life saying toasts and I never suggest winging it for toasts. These beautiful little books will help your toasters when speach time and for brainstorming before the big day. 

Bridesmaid Tote | Why I Love it: It is wedding day and there are so many things your bridal party will need and having a tote to put it all in helps them stay organized. They also {hopfully} won't forget anything the day of if it's all in one bag! 

Wedding Party Tumblers | Why I Love it: Staying hydrated on a wedding day is vital; I've seen many wedding partys not drink enough water on the day of weddings. So having a cute little cup to hold it all in will help and lets face it perfect little photo opp!

Birdemaid Make-up Bag | Why I Love it: Everyone needs make-up touch ups throughout the wedding party nigth and if you haven't hired your MUA for the whole day then it's nice to have a cute clutch on had with your make-up goodies inside. 

Bridemaids Robes | Why I Love it : Seriously who likes getting dressed after doing their hair and make-up? I know I don't thats why I love the idea of getting the bridesmaids robes; no one wants to mess up their hair or get make-up all over their clothes and the look is also cohesive in wedding photos.

Tie the Knot Bracelet | Why I Love it: A cute way to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding party and depending on your wedding style it would be great for the day of.