2017 Goals & Word of the Year

Well friends it's a new year and what is a new year without some goals being set. Every year I use the Powersheets  from the Cultivate What Matters shop and I have to say they are the best goal setting system I've used! After all they are what helped me make this wonderful business of mine.

Using them this year though something was different and everything came out of my pen and onto my papers so much easier this time around, it may have been the new pens I purchased from them or the cute stickers either way I am really hooked on them this year.  

Some of my goals for 2017 are small personal goals that seem easier to accomplish. A lot are family goals that are hard to imagine and some are fun things we've held back doing. Then some are big business goals that I've been holding onto for some time now; bringing floral design to LNLE being one of them which is one I've had the hardest time figuring out this past year but one I'm determined to get done. I'm in the process of learning, fine tuning and setting the plan for it and I'm nervous but so excited to make this possible!

Every year though I reflect back on the previous year what worked and what didn't and one thing that held me back was fear/self doubt which is a creative persons worse enemy.

After much brainstorming and thought about my word of the year I ended with one that feels powerful and scary to me but I love it. I chose Fearless... a lot of 2016 was spent second guessing choices, holding back and some self doubt. I hated it I have no clue why I was feeling like this other than FEAR I hate that I was fearful and second guessing things when thats not typically who I am, so for 2017 I'm saying bye to the fear and being fearless. 

Freinds I hope you also live this year fearlessly, accomplish all of the goals you have set and remeber even if you don't you aren't a faliure and there is always the next year.