30 Lessons in 30 Years

I'm turning 30 in 22 days! I have to say that number was freaking me out the past two months but I realized it really shouldn't I'm so lucky to see a 30th bithday. Over the years there have been many lessons and today I wanted to share the ones I've learned. 


1. True Friends are everything in this great big world. 

2. Not everyone will be willing to help but you will find some people that will and those are the people you want in your life. 

3. You'll fall in love when you aren't looking for it.

4. Kindness goes a long way.

5. You can't expect everyone to support every dream or idea you have and it doesn't mean you shouldn't follow them just because someone doesn't get it. 

6. Get to really know someone before you judge them you might be surprised.

7. "You might be the juiciest and ripest peach but not everyone will like peaches."

8. You have to take care of yourself before you can really take care of others. 

9. Real good friends won't care about where you have been or where you are going, they just want to be with you through all the ups and downs. 

10. Family is everything.

11. When you find a really good pair of jeans buy five more or the same kind. {this can be applied to shoes, shirts or really anything else.}

12. Support small businesses cause you aren't only supporting a person you are supporting their dream, family and life. 

13. It is better to have one really amazing friend than a hand full of fake ones. 

14.  No one ever has their life all figured out no matter how it may seem.

15. Say what you need to say; people are here one day and gone the next so tell someone you love them, let them know you appreciate them and tell them they've made your life better. 

16. Never stop learning cause once you stop you don't grow as a person. 

17. Music is the best medicine for everything. 

18. Life isn't always going to be fair but it's still really really good!

19. When you want to go after what you love in life don't take no for an answer.

20. Your past can not be changed; so embrace it and move on. 

21. If you get a gut feeling that something isn't right trust it!

22. Some people are meant to come into your life, teach you a lesson and then leave. It really is that simple. 

23. Mistakes are ok, they make you wiser and stronger. 

24. People will not always agree with the choices you make, but remember it's not their life and you can live yours the way you want.

25. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself to be free.

26. Stop holding off on your dreams because it may never be the perfect time.

27. Always be thankful for what you have been given cause there is someone who'd give anything to have your problems.

28. You don't want a soul mate you want some one that will be your life partner. 

29. No ones life is perfect; everyone’s life is a mess and if someone says theirs is then they are lying. 

30. You are only as old as you feel, so stop feeling like you're 60 and start living like you are 30!