Why doing a first look is a great idea!

Now is the season when we have our consultation meetings with prospective clients, and the topic of a “First Look” always pops up during our conversation.  You just got engaged (Congratulations!) and you are probably wondering what that is.  A “First Look” is when you and your fiancé decide to see each other prior to the wedding ceremony. 

Many couples want to keep the tradition of the groom seeing the bride for the first time when she walks down the aisle, but speaking from our past experience as a bride and groom ourselves, we were so glad that we decided to see each other before the ceremony on our wedding day.  And from a photography standpoint, we also highly recommend and encourage our clients to have the “First Look” and here are the reasons why:

(1) For the bride, your hair and makeup are still fresh when you first see your husband-to-be.  And if you get a little emotional and cry during the “First Look”, it’s totally all right since you still have time to do a touch-up before the ceremony!

(2) This is the only moment of your entire wedding day that you get to spend a few minutes alone, away from the guests, the little details and everything else.  Some couples choose to have their wedding party with them, but some choose to be just the two of them.  It’s totally up to you!

(3) After you have done the “First Look”, you feel more calm and relaxed by the time you walk down the aisle during the ceremony.  You are not as nervous anymore and instead of just concentrating on the groom at the end of the aisle, you will be able to take in the moment and enjoy all the friends and families who are there to celebrate with the two of you.

(4) When you choose to have the “First Look”, you are also allowing more time for your bridal portraits.  When couples choose not to see each other before the ceremony, there is never enough time for the bridal portraits after the ceremony.  One of the most common planning challenges is shortchanging the photographer on time between the ceremony and reception.  Usually there is a one-hour cocktail reception between the end of the ceremony and the beginning of the dinner reception.  Within this hour, we have to take the group shots and all the family portraits… not to mention the wedding party portraits AND the bride and groom portraits.  Although we work very quickly, we would love to have more time photographing the bride and groom when they first become husband and wife!  The photos of the two of you are always the ones that you will print out for your office, and enlarge and frame it at your house.  You can never have enough photos of you two.

(5) According to all of our past clients, the emotions and reactions that we capture during the “First Look” is by far one of the favorite and most memorable moments that they cherish for the rest of their lives.

Ultimately, we really want what is best for you.  We want you to enjoy your day and if you opt for the “First Look” prior to the ceremony, then you may even have some time to mingle and join the guests at the cocktail hour!



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