The top 5 Wedding Favors your Guests will LOVE

Let's get real for a moment here; I don't like wedding favors, but I'm not just talking about any wedding favor I'm talking about the wedding favors that were thrown together in a hurry and have a thoughtless feeling. At the end of the night when all of your guests have gone home do you know where your favors that were left behind end up? In the TRASH! Yep, that's right the favors you spent money on are now left on tables for clean up and get thrown away unless you have told someone otherwise. The little tin full of chocolate... trash! They all have ended up in the trash; now I'm not saying these are garbage I actually love the idea of guests leaving with a little momento from the day, but for some reason your guests forget about them all together even after the DJ has made an announcment to not forget to grab your favor. So I wanted to make a blog post that will help you pick a favor that they won't leave behind, these five I have had at weddings that weren't left behind and some guests asked for extras!

1. Cookies! - An edable treat that you can't go wrong with! Melissa & Daren's wedding was all about their last name and their cookies represented that each place setting had a heart cookie and all were taken at the end of the night though we made sure to save some of the extras for the bride & groom. 

2. A Potted Plant - Honestly Kailey & Chris's wedding was AMAZING if I do say so myself the guests loved every moment of it and I had never recieved so many complaments and so much love from one wedding. The guests also LOVED their potted succulents there wasn't a single one that was left behind on the table and it made clean up so much easier!

3. Personalized Name Tile - I've always loved a more personalized place setting and adding a tile adds a little more to your over all design. These beautiful itialian marble tiles were made by Sadelin Designs from a floral crown workshop I attended that LC Floral Design Hosted. It was a really sweet personal youch that was unexpected and one I have in my office still. 

4. Donuts, Candy & Midnight Snacks! - Ok these abviously aren't momentos from a wedding day but food is a wonderful gift to your guests esspecially at the end of the night when everyone has had a few drinks and starting to run on an empty stomach. 

5. Branded Coffee & Tea - I'm a HUGE coffee fan so I wouldn't mind seeing a beautiful table display full of wedding favors with some coffee to go for the morning after the wedding. 

I hope you enjoyed our wedding favors post and found some inspiration for your own wedding day. Cheers!